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Red Horse

Red Horse Sole Cleanse

Red Horse Sole Cleanse

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Red Horse Sole Cleanse does not have any of the necrotising effects of traditional treatments such as bleaches, peroxide and Stockholm Tar. Sole Cleanse not only helps to destroy the bacteria and fungi producing blackening and foul odour on the sole and frog of the horse's foot but also assists the natural re-growth of healthy tissue, rather than producing more dead tissue for the infection to thrive upon.

The Sole Cleanse Spray can be used for regular application to the foot. Once weekly for horses prone to foot odour issues or daily until smell abates for established hoof problems is often sufficient. It comes in a 500 ml spray and will often improve feet in just a few applications. It can also be used to flush cracks in the white line, frog and other crevices in the horse's foot prior to packing them with products such as Artimud or Hoof-Stuff.

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