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Red Horse

Red Horse Field Paste

Red Horse Field Paste

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Field Paste is an anti-thrush paste for  horses which are mainly field kept. It has a clay
like consistency to offer greater 'staying power'. It is designed to stay in the collateral grooves, central sulcus and sole for longer periods of time and to continue having an effect against microbes. At the same time it helps prevent mud, faeces and other contaminants coming in contact with the hoof.

Too thick to be painted on, Field Paste should be applied with a gloved hand.

Field Paste contains:

*Green french clay - an antimicrobial clay which gives the putty the perfect consistency.
*Bio-active honey - for its antimicrobial qualities and ability to make the putty sticky.
*Zinc Oxide - a powerful, yet harmless antimicrobial powder.
*Tea tree oil - an essential oil well known for its bacteria and fungus fighting abilities.
*Eucalyptus oil - as well as being an effective antimicrobial, this essential oil assists in the toughening of weakened structures.
*Zinc Sulphate - a powerful antimicrobial which is also used in feed supplements.

All the ingredients in Field Paste are there to either have an antimicrobial effect or to improve the consistency and hence the longevity of its effect.


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