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Groom's Hand™ Thrush Solution

Groom's Hand™ Thrush Solution

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Groom's Hand™ Thrush Solution 

  • Vet Recommended USA 

  • Farrier Recommended

  • Over 20 Treatments Per Can

  • Kills Thrush and White Line Disease

  • Tea Tree Oil (Nourishes and protects)

  • Gentian Violet (Antiseptic dye used to treat fungal infections)

  • Chloroxylenol (Kills bacteria and prevents infection)

  • Can Be Used Under Leather and Pads

  • Also Works As A Dirt Barrier

  • Pleasant Smell

    Meet The Creator:

    Samuel McKee is a third generation farrier running a successful business in Ocala USA, Florida's competitive farrier industry.

    For the pas 20 years Samuel has devoted himself to his business passionately shoeing all round central Florida. Samuel has been shoeing horses since he was 16 years of age. Samuel has worked on the world class horses throughout his carrier including multiple winners such as Kentucky Derby winner Giacamo, Belmont winner Summer Bird, and a multitude of performance horses including grand prix and hunter champions. Samuel created Groom's Hand™ Thrush Solution to provide an easier, more convenient way to deal with thrush issues. With his innovative built in hoof pick and no mess application, Groom's Hand™ Thrush Solution began to take over the shelves in stores. 

    Atlantic Equine Ltd are now pleased to welcome Samuel McKees Groom's Hand™ to the UK market, please see more product details below:

    Groom's Hand™ Thrush Solution is a new & innovative design. This convenient aerosol canister was created by Samuel McKee a Professional Farrier in the USA. No more mess and no more purple fingers.

    PICK IT, FLIP IT & SPRAY IT. Its as simple as that. Groom's Hand™ Thrush Solution is used by Top Grooms in America fighting thrush with a single flip! 

    Thrush Fighting Ingredients:

    Gentian Violet:

    Antiseptic Dye Used To Treat Fungal Infections

    Tea Tree Oil:

    Nourishes & Protects


    Treats Bacteria & Prevents Infection



    • Active: Chloroxylenol 5%, Allantoin .5%

    • Inactive: Water, isopropanol, tea tree oil, gentian violet.


    No more messing with powders and gels. The 360-degree continuous spray application allows for zero mess and easier control with no waste.

    1. Use the attached hoof pick to remove debris.

    2. Ensure the hoof is clear of debris and dry.

    3. Wearing gloves spray on the product to the hoof sole and walls.


    Store upright with the cap on. Store in a dry place at above freeze temperature.

    Safety Data Sheet 

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