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Equine Fusion

Equine Fusion Fit Kit

Equine Fusion Fit Kit

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The Equine Fusion Fit Kit is an excellent tool to determine the correct size of boot for your horse before the boots are actually bought.

The Fit Kit applies to the entire range of hoof boots and comes in REGULAR and SLIM sizes.

These styles require a snug fit and selecting the correct size is essential. The foot should not affect the shape of the boot.

We recommend you choose three sizes, the size you think you need, one above and the one below it. For example, if you think you measure a size 11 regular, you would select 10, 11 and 12 regular. If you are between a regular and a slim size, then you can mix and match and order a couple of regular and a couple of slim.

Please clean and return the Fit Kit once you have finished (For Bio-Security the kit must be returned in a clean condition, failure to do so will result in a £5 cleaning fee).

Your payment will be refunded once the shells arrived back to us.  If boots are purchased then you will receive the full amount back, if boots are not purchased the refundable amount will be less £10 as that will be a hire fee charge.

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