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Equine Fusion

Equine Fusion 24/ Glue-on Boot

Equine Fusion 24/ Glue-on Boot

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Enjoy all the benefits of an Equine Fusion jogging shoe without having to take it on and off every use. Combining the All Terrain sole with a leather cuff which is glued to the hoof wall, this boot is as close to natural as you can get. There is a small hole in the underside of the sole, this has been designed to allow the hoof to breathe for the duration the shoe is fitted; it also allows for flushing out of the shoe in order to avoid bacterial infections etc.

This boot offers 24/7 protection and will stay on for approximately 6 weeks. Depending on the condition of the boot after removal, each boot can be re-applied once.

The application process is fast and easy due to the cable tie fastening system, and the shoe is glued on the hoof within minutes. Regulations state a qualified farrier or vet must apply the shoe in the UK..

Equine Fusion Glue-On Boot Application Video:

Please note: this product line is being discontinued and we only have the size/s stated in stock 

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