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Easyboot Cloud Insert Pads (Pair)

Easyboot Cloud Insert Pads (Pair)

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Easyboot Cloud Insert Pads (Pair): The Easyboot Cloud is a therapeutic boot for use on horses suffering from lameness issues such as Laminitis, Bruised Soles, Abscesses, Founder and problems associated with thin soles.

The boot is made from ultra tough Cordura material which makes it very rugged yet lightweight. Ventilation holes make it breathable. The Cloud is fitted with an Easycare Cloud Comfort Pad which is made of closed-cell EVA for additional comfort and relief and is replaceable.

This boot is ideal for use in the yard and stable as well as for light and restricted turnout. The tread pattern gives more grip than the Easyboot RX and provides support to the entire solar area of the hoof by reducing loading pressure on the peripheral hoof wall.

The Cloud is available in sizes 00-8 and is suited to a wide range of hoof shapes/sizes. It is sold as a single boot.

The EVA Comfort Pad conforms to the hoof and provides additional comfort and support to the sole. Sold In Pairs available in sizes 00-8


* Secure Fit allows for light turnout.

* Supportive Tread reduces loading of the peripheral hoof wall, spreading weight across the entire solar area.

* Back Folds Down for easy installation and removal.

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