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CleanTrax Hoof Cleanser 25g bottle

CleanTrax Hoof Cleanser 25g bottle

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CleanTrax Hoof Cleanser 25g bottle : CleanTrax is a deep-penetrating hoof cleanser - a real solution for hoof infections. It is used in conjunction with the CleanTrax hoof boot or a reinforced plastic bag.

The CleanTrax hoof boot is 27 ins. in height, with a 9 ins. diameter aperture at the top.


DO NOT open bottle until you are ready to use it.

Store the bottle in a refrigerator or a cool dry place. DO NOT leave it in the sun or expose to heat.

Before use, remove horseshoes or anything else on the hoof. If the horse is going to be shod, clean and prepare the hoof for shoeing first.

CleanTrax is safe to use on open wounds and will not affect the quality, colour or appearance of the skin or hair.


1. Clean the hoof, remove and wash away excess dirt and debris.

2. Mix the entire contents of a bottle of CleanTrax into one gallon of room temperature tap water.

3. Pour all the CleanTrax solution into a CleanTrax hoof boot or reinforced plastic bag.

4. Immerse the hoof completely into the Cleantrax solution (If a bag is used, pull the top of the bag up above the knee and tie or tape it closed).

5. Soak the hoof for 45 minutes. If the infection is bad or recurring, extend the soak time to 60 minutes.

N.B. CleanTrax solution is good for a total of 90 minutes, so you can use the same solution to soak two hooves consecutively. When you are finished soaking, the solution can be poured or sprayed onto the stall floor, trailer mats and trimming area to eliminate fungal spores.

6. After soaking, DO NOT RINSE OR DRY THE HOOF. Put an empty plastic bag over the hoof and close the top. Allow the vapours to penetrate for 45 minues.

7. If the infection is bad or recurring, repeat the treatment in 2 to 4 weeks.

8. To protect the horse's feet and keep them free of infection, every 3 to 4 months use one bottle of CleanTrax to soak each hoof for 20 minutes.

PRECAUTIONS: The powder and solution are for external use only. Keep away from small children. The solution will damage coloured fabrics.


The active ingredient in CleanTrax is oxyclorsine. A chlorine-based compound has been structured in a way that it will not freely dissociate. Most chlorine-based substances (bleach, pool chlorine, chlorine dioxide [White Lightning]) come apart upon exposure to air, releasing free chlorine, with the following consequences: a) they only kill surface growth and do not kill fungal spores; and they cause water to dissociate to capture the hydrogen, forming dilute hydrochloric acid, which is necrotizing and burns tissue on contact. Second, the stabilized chlorine-based compound is linked to a monomeric oxygen, which gives the whole compound a charge and makes it extremely surface active, allowing it to rapidly penetrate small crevices. Monomeric oxygen will also penetrate a spore coat and kill spores. When oxyclorsine contacts organic material, such as a hoof, the chlorine-based compound and the monomeric oxygen begin to separate, a process which takes about 100 minutes to be complete, thus, two 45 minute soaks with effective penetration of the hoofs. Both the chlorine-based compound and the monomeric oxygen are volatile and begin to vaporize once they are in the hoof layers, attacking fungus and fungal spores with two active substances in both the liquid and vapor states.

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