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Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot
Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot
Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot
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Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot

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Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot : The Cavallo Trek is the latest offering from Cavallo and a development of the success of the Cavallo Simple and Sport hoof boots.

The Trek is sold as a single boot and the design is not handed. It is available in the same Regular or Slim Sole as the Simple and Sport. The Slim version is 6mm / 1/4 in. narrower in width than length.

The Trek features a Pro Mesh moulded TPU Upper exclusive to Cavallo, with a honeycomb design that optimises strength and minimises weight. The Pro Mesh is highly flexible and includes a soft foam collar and patented RES replaceable velcro closure system.

The Cavallo Trek is a multi-purpose hoof boot, excellent for:

* All-terrain protection for the barefoot horse

* Comfort for chronic pain or hoof sensitivity. Absorbs shock and concussion

* Rehabilitation from injuries, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis / founder, punctures, sole bruising and contracted heels

* Healthy hooves: allows expansion and contraction leading to increased blood circulation

* Protection during trailering / breeding

* Your peace of mind: take on rides as a 'spare tyre'

Great price and all these benefits too:

* Lightweight

* Built-in drainage

* Simple to put on and remove (even with arthritic hands!); stays securely on the hoof

* Fits left or right hoof; available individually

* Shaped for natural hoof (needs no inserts or shims)

* Simple front fastening with industrial grade Velcro closures

* Moulded TPU back flap for maximum bulb protection and abrasion resistance

* Durable construction: Waterproof thread, rustproof metal and high performance TPU outsole

* Foam-filled soft collar

* Built-in sole relief

* Available in Regular or Slim Sole (Slim sole is 6mm narrower in width than length)

Sold as singles, Colour Black