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Cavallo Hoof Boot Stud Kit (set/12 with tool)

Cavallo Hoof Boot Stud Kit (set/12 with tool)

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Cavallo Hoof Boot Stud Kit (set/12 with tool) : The Cavallo hoof boots stud kit is specifically designed for use with the Cavallo Trek, Simple and Sport hoof boots. The stud kit comes with twelve studs and one stud tool

Hoof boot studs are a great way to improve grip in slippy situations.

We don't recommend using them all the time as they can potentially cause too much traction and torque on the hoof in dry conditions when they're not needed.

The studs can be removed and re-installed, but if the rider is using the boots with and without the studs, the tread of the boot will wear away when the studs are not being used. For this reason, we do caution riders to monitor the tread wear to make sure there is always enough tread left to hold the head of the stud securely.

The Hoof Boot Stud Application Kit includes the new, improved applicator tool and 12 studs. The tool fits in the end of a drill so stud application is quick and easy.

These studs provide improved grip so will help to secure a better foothold on slippery surfaces including ice, snow and muddy terrain.Studs should be applied to both hoof boots to avoid imbalance.

3 Easy Steps to apply Studs to the hoof boots:

Pre-drill 1/8 inch locator holes with a 3/16 inch drill bit.

Lock stud into position on the end of the application tool.

Position end of the stud touches the sole