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3D HoofCare Pads

3D Hoofcare High Performance 2 Degree Wedge Pad

Jim Blurton
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3D Hoofcare High Performance 2 Degree Wedge Pad : The 2 Degree Wedge Pad is a light weight Pad for racing and speed. The wedge pad can be used to artificially raise the hoof angle when conformation or injury needs assistance when the hoof angle is low relative to the pastern angle.

The pad helps horses that need bony column support, such as laminitic horses, and help the frog to share a portion of the load, reducing that placed on other areas of the hoof. The pad also helps maintain the position of the frog relative to other structures of the hoof. It was designed in collaboration with Ed O’Shaughnessy from Newmarket in the United Kingdom.

This product is sold in pairs.

Size Guide:

EE3-2 degree Outer Width (MM) 134, Inner Width (MM) 86

EE4-2 degree Outer Width (MM) 147, Inner Width (MM) 94

EE5-2 degree Outer Width (MM) 156, Inner Width (MM) 99