SoundHorse (Sigafoos) Series 1 Glue-on Shoes Roller Motion Black


The SoundHorse Series 1 Roller Motion shoe is a superb solution for problem feet, combining the merits of both the Dr Scott Morrison-designed Roller Motion shoe and the SoundHorse glue-on cuff system.

The Morrison Roller Motion Black delivers the best therapeutic results and comfort for the profoundly sore hoof. The Black 60 Shore 'A' urethane rim pads are three times softer than the SoundHorse Blue performance rim pads and are particularly useful in treating  laminitic or arthritic horses and those recovering from traumatic damage.

This shoe has a slightly raised heel as well as a rolled toe to ease landing and break-over. The heel elevation can easily be forged or ground down to create a full roller motion style shoe or left as a wedge if indicated.

.The Sigafoos Series I horseshoe system is fast & simple. It is fitted to the horse’s hoof just like a conventional horseshoe. Although the aluminum Series I shoe cannot be heated, it can be easily cold formed and shaped with conventional farrier tools. The shoe is quickly and securely bonded to the hoof wall by saturating the fabric with an acrylic adhesive. The shoe is then stretch wrapped to the hoof for 10 minutes while the adhesive sets – there is no need to hold the hoof off the floor. Using the stretch wrap system, the horse is fully weight bearing immediately after the shoe is applied and full work can resume shortly after the horse is shod. We recommend the horse stay out of the mud & water for 12 hours to allow full adhesive cure. 

The patented cuff attachment system uses acrylic adhesives to bond to the entire hoof wall safely generating twice the holding strength of nails.  The strongest attachment possible -- particularly with cracked, thin, broken, brittle and shelly feet -- is achieved with no glue on the bottom of the hoof and no risk to hoof integrity.  This is the best method to overcome your horse's sensitivity to nails.

Fitting Instructions:  SoundHorse Series 1 Application  Instructions

NOTE: Sizes of the Roller Motion shoe are not the same as the standard SoundHorse Series 1 shoes. Size Equivalents are as follows:

Series 1
Roller Motion
00 4
0 5
0.5 6
1 7
1.5 8
2 9
3 10



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