Decron Leg Wrap Poultice

The Decron Leg Wrap Poultice can assist in the management of minor wounds, puncture wounds, bruising, swelling, inflammation, sprains, strains and shin soreness.

The effectiveness of this combination of glycerine with natural essential oils and botanical extracts  is based on the principle of osmosis. The The essential oils in the Decron osmotic gel, which include lavender oil, Melaleuca oil and arnica, have natural antiseptic and healing properties.


1) Ensure that the horse's leg is dry and clean

2) Remove leg wrap from packaging and cut poultice wrap to required size

3) Peel away the plastic film to expose the gel side of poultice wrap, and apply gel to affected area.

4) Place a leg pad over the gel wrap and cover firmly with a bandage ensuring an airtight environment

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