SoundHorse (Sigafoos) Series 1 Glue-on Morrison Composite Foal Shoe


The SoundHorse MC (Morrison Club) Composite Foal Shoe is a composite shoe utilising the SoundHorse glue-on cuff system, but, in place of the standard aluminium shoe, it is made entirely of urethane, with just a 1/8 inch metal insert to allow for shaping.

The shoe is designed to assist the correct development of  foals' feet, and is available in blue (firm) or black (softer) material for therapeutic use.

Designed by Dr. Scott Morrison of the Rood & Riddle Equine Podiatry Clinic in Lexington, KY, this shoe configuration is intended for use in foals & young horses with club feet. It helps reduce the need for surgery and helps prevent coffin bone remodeling. The Morrison Club also reduces the pull of the deep digital flexor and helps increase sole depth. Useful in treating foals with upright pasterns, tendon contracture, fractures & other developmental issues.

The SoundHorse MC Composite  Foal Shoe duplicates the dimensions and shape of the Morrison Club aluminum, “nail-on” shoe in a Series I , cuffed “glue-on” configuration. It is built of urethane for shock -reduction and also with a metal insert for shaping.

The metal insert also provides rigidity for support as well as acting as a wear plate for the rolled toe and
allows the farrier to drill & tap the shoe for hospital plates & attachments.

Available in size 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 race plate size — these are very small shoes for foals, weanlings & young horses.

Fitting Instructions:  SoundHorse Series 1 Application  Instructions

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