Equilox Adhesive Cartridges - 40 ml


Equilox is the original acrylic horse hoof adhesive and is highly versatile

When used for hoof repair and reconstruction, Equilox behaves almost like natural hoof wall and can be nailed into. Equilox is flexible and is able to handle the natural movement of the hoof.

Equilox can also be used to glue aluminium racing plates direct to the hoof, and has been proven to be highly effective in so doing with many big-race winners  plated in this way.

Equilox is also highly effective when used with the SoundHorse Series 1 or Series 3 glue-on cuffs.

Equilox is available in a number of different forms from the economical 1 oz or 2 oz 'Hand-mix' pots to these 40 ml  'mini'-catridges to the much larger  420 ml cartridges. It is available in tan or black in the 40 ml cartridges

Click here for Equilox Instructions for Use

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40 ml Tan Single
40 ml Black Single

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